Thursday, October 31, 2019

George Losse's Standard Boxcars Post

George Losse is modeling the Reading Railroad in P48 scale. We're going to dig into a post of his from October, 2012 a bit more.

Looking at steel boxcars through 1950, standard cars are well represented in plastic:

  • USRA Design (NYC)(20,000ish) - Broadway Limited
  • 1923 ARA (X29/M-26)(66,125) - Red Caboose (now Intermountain)
  • 1932 ARA (11,854) - Atlas
  • 1937 AAR (60,077) - Intermountain/Red Caboose
  • Modified 1937 AAR (41,094) - Intermountain
  • Postwar 1937 AAR (34,065)- Branchline (now Atlas), Intermountain for 10'0" IH cars
  • PS-1 (46,271) - Intermountain/Kadee

Total: 279,486

In addition, a number of numerous cars, often of single roads, are also readily available:

  • CP Minibox (7,000ish) - True Line Trains
  • PRR X31 (14,000ish) - Bowser
  • MILW Rib Side (15,000ish) - Exactrail/Intermountain/Rib Side Cars (now Accurail)
  • B&O Wagontop (5,000ish) - Exactrail/Fox Valley

Total: 41,000ish

That accounts for about 320,500 of the 769,711 cars that the roads receiving standard cars had, or only about 40% of the boxcars that those roads owned. It also doesn't account for the roads that didn't receive standard cars, but it does tell us that the available plastic models only cover a portion of what is needed. It's not clear whether his numbers include Canadian cars.

So what comprises the other 60% of boxcars circa 1950? More to come.

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