Thursday, January 9, 2020

We're live and officially open for business!

Randy's at Cocoa Beach for Prototype Rails, and this is the day!

When and how do I get the models?

You can order them starting today, and delivery is expected early 2021. But the process is a bit different than the normal approach.

We're crowd funding this project at IndieGoGo, because we believe there is a strong community of modelers that are excited about finding new ways to produce models that otherwise probably wouldn't be made.

All of the details on what's available and how to participate are on the site. But I wanted to highlight a few things that aren't noted there.


One of the main reasons we are crowd funding this is that we can be more responsive and make exactly what you want us to make.

We have a lot of ideas of what we think you want. Obviously we know that ready-to-run plastic models of less numerous prototypes is a good start. It's clear from everything we've heard so far that you are interested in these cars. And there are a lot of other cars like these we want to do.

We also know that there are a lot of people out there that still prefer kits. Some of them want decorated, some undecorated. We can do that. The same thing applies with parts. It doesn't really matter how many orders we receive for a specific car, because we'll be building them entirely to order.

Wait. There's more?


The initial funding makes the project viable. But if the funding exceeds that, we can add more.

Some numbers of Bx-11 and -12 cars received cylindrical hatches for cement and possibly borax service. If we surpass the funding goal by a decent amount, then we can add that variation.

What about the Transco sided cars?

Stock cars anybody?

The initial funding goal just makes the project as a whole viable. But additional funding opens up more possibilities.

It's about building a community

The point is simple. This isn't just about making models. At least not the normal way. It's about creating a community of backers excited about models. Who want more models.

You as a backer have the opportunity to help shape the project. Whether it's information that only you have, ideas about what might make a good project. What options would appeal the most to the backers? Perhaps lettered but unnumbered cars with decals. We should probably do that anyway. What should we be considering for our next project? If we can add additional variations, which ones should we do first? Or if we can't do all of them, which ones should we do?

Of course, it's up to you as to how much you want to participate.

We also want to give you credit for help making this happen. When you pledge, you'll have an option to have your name listed to our page of backers. We hope you'll want to be included.

Getting Started

This is part of our vision. But have to get over the first hurdle, which is funding this first project.

Check out Project #1, choose a Perk, and let's make some models!

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